Chronic Diseases Treatment

People have suffered from different diseases since the world has been created. It is completely normal that the Mother Earth wants to sustain only the strongest spices. This statement can be supported by one of the theory of English scientists. He is called Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882). This Englishman was a naturalist who introduced and developed natural selection theory. What is it about? He claimed that natural environment has its own natural selection and new specimens (there are no matter whether it is a human, a moth or other bare not noticed for human eye specimens) have two options:

First - they can fit into the environments
Second - or they can die when they are not able to fit

According to Darwin only the strongest specimens can survive. Did only Darwin claim that? Nowadays Darwin's theory can be applied everywhere- when you apply for a job - only the best educated and qualified people are employed. Another example are different diseases. Beside chronic diseases treatment and non-stopping medical development some people die. In this case it cannot be said that Darwin's theory is only theory - it is prove.

How does chronic diseases treatment work?

According to World Health Organization (in short WHO) chronic diseases cause 63% of death among our population. There is no a small wonder why it happens because treatments of those kind diseases are extremely long and the results are not seen in a short time.

Some examples of those types diseases are:
  1. Chronic coronary artery disease,
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic respiratory diseases
  4. Diabetes

People who suffer from chronic diseases not need to see only their doctors regularly. In some cases they can stay at home and be treated on an outpatient basic, for example some types of diabetes can be treated in that way. However, most of the diseases are too dangerous to be treated in that way and have to be treated in hospital.

Chronic diseases treatment needs plenty time to make a breakthrough. Nevertheless, more and more diseases can be cured.